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  • Our specialisms built up from years of experience and passion in our field

At Referit we specialize in all types of cloud services, besides that we are also able to develop new applications fit for your company’s needs. We work with Office 365, provide Microsoft licenses and offer support for all the Windows apps such as Word or Excel. And for any other app your business might need such as Teams or Skype for Business and many more. All of these apps enable you to view, share and change documents anytime and anyplace.


Besides the more commonly used business apps we can also help you to develop and implement your own custom made applications. We also offer assessments which will help you evaluate the current processes to better understand the structures within your company. We can offer advice and show you what could improve those processes.


To build these IT environments we use Dynamics 365, Azure, SQL Server, BizTalk, VMware and Oracle. And of course, not to forget : VEEAM, Sharepoint, #C and .NET. We also offer applications for security. Each has it’s own added value and functionalities that can drive your business forward.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out what could help your business forward!

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