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  • With our specialized rVPS hosting, independent advice from our local experts and the Cloud enabler approach we help organisations to use our services in the best way possible

Microsoft licenses (CSP)- Get 8% discount

What is CSP?

CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) is a monthly subscription you can cancel or alter each month. It is used for Microsoft’s  public cloud services like Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Azure, Dynamics 365, Skype for Business and Sharepoint.

With us, you can get this new type of service in Cloud Licensing. Of course your monthly payments will be adjusted to any changes you make along the way.


The benefits?

  • At the end of each month you receive a clear overview of the services you used in an invoice
  • You no longer need a credit card for Microsoft payments
  • You don’t have to manually download the invoices from the Microsoft portal
  • With the Referit CSP-program you profit from cost advantages
  • The option for professional support and maintenance to make sure you are completely unburdened
  • You only pay for what you use


We offer an option for extra support and maintenance of your IT environment. We can change or alter your subscription form whenever you want or change the number of users and offer technical support. All so that you can focus on your core business instead of worrying about IT. All solutions are directly available to you from your online portal. A cost and time effective solution.



Hosting & Management

Most IT environments are growing fast. Servers, operating systems, network functions, storage, middleware and applications are added when there is a sudden demand. The result? An inefficient situation that is complex and difficult to maintain. Virtualization helps to keep your IT-environment controllable, efficient and cost effective.


What is virtualization?

Virtualization software works between the hardware and operating systems and the applications. The virtual server environments run on the same physical server hardware. A physical server functions on near full capacity instead of the usual 10 to 15 percent. For that reason the hosting model is outstandingly efficient. The larger the scale you can manage the more cost effective. The servers and/or applications are all in the secure and controlled environment of our datacenter. All hosting and application options are adjusted to your needs.


Private cloud

Referit has it’s own private cloud and we use state-of-the-art VMware and Microsoft products. To secure the safety of all data we have a strict security policy in the most optimal conditions possible. By virtualizing the servers we can also offer better prices for hosting and management services.


Public cloud

We also offer public cloud services using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure platforms. With applications like CRM Online, Office 365 and Windows Intune. We always try to find the best possible mix between private and public cloud services based on your organizations specific demands and needs. We can guarantee you high flexibility and availability at all times.


Professional management

Regardless of what cloud service you choose, you will always need professional technical application management. Our specialists will manage all processes and alterations neccessary to make sure your applications always run smoothly. With our central management environment we make sure your infrastructure is completely secure at all times. No matter where your infrastructure is running from- Amazon, Azure or our own private cloud- we provide you with the best management and advise you how to further improve your infrastructure.

Shared Computer Activation/ QMTH Program

Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) Program


Referit is a Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) authorized by Microsoft to host your Windows virtual machines via Microsoft Cloud Agreement subscription or Enterprise Agreement/MPSA on dedicated or multitenant hardware. In addition, we are also authorized to host Office 365 ProPlus (including E3 and E5), Project Online Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365 subscriptions using shared computer activation (SCA) technology. Click here to learn more about the QMTH Program from Microsoft.


Benefits of Windows 10 Virtualization and Shared Computer Activation for Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365

Windows 10 virtualization and SCA for Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365 gives you choice and flexibility. Both allow you to take advantage of existing Windows 10 and Office 365 licensing investments when deploying to the cloud.

You are able to make a deployment choice between on-premises or Referit’s shared datacenter. Referit is an Authorized QMTH Partner, allowing you to deploy Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, Visio Pro for Office 365, and qualified Windows 10 products to your chosen cloud infrastructure solution.

Which Windows licenses purchased through Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) programs include virtualization rights for Qualified Multitenant Hosting?

As of August 1, 2017, the following Windows licenses purchased through Microsoft Volume Licensing currently include virtualization rights for Qualified Multitenant Hosting:

• Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 per User with SA

• Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 VDA per User


Which Windows subscriptions purchased under the Microsoft Cloud Agreement from Referit will include virtualization rights?

As of September 6, 2017, the following Windows subscriptions include virtualization rights for dedicated as well as multitenant hardware in data centers managed by Authorized QMTH Partners such as Referit:

• Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 (with VDI)

• Windows 10 Enterprise E3 VDA

• Microsoft 365 Enterprise (formerly Secure Productive Enterprise or SPE) E3 and E5


Which Office 365 products support SCA?

SCA mode works with Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365. All Office 365 plans that include Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, or Visio Pro for Office 365 are able to use SCA.


Contact Us

Talk to a Referit representative to learn more about Windows 10 Virtualization and SCA by filling out our contact form.

Public & Private cloud

Within the different Cloud solutions there is a distinction between the public and the private cloud. Public clouds are used for applications like Microsoft Office 365 and SAP, as well as for platform services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The private cloud is used for specialized applications or in cases of complex security demands.


What are the different Cloud solutions?

Cloud services are provided in three different service levels in which the responsibility moves further towards the supplier:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Infrastructure and data storage
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): Services beyond infrastructure such as accessibility and integration functionalities
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Complete software solutions as a subscription per user


Safe storage in the cloud 

The cloud solutions are well protected, with many security measures in place, it’s guarded 24/7. You can be sure your data and application are in the right hands.


Compare cloud services

Our cloud enabler approach helps to make sure we choose the right combination between the public and private cloud (also called the hybrid cloud). Thanks to our many years of experience in the field your organization can profit from all the advantages the cloud can provide!

rTIME registration

Is this a recognizable situation?

Having trouble to register all working hours from your personnel correctly? You know this is essential for a quick and correct invoice to your customers. If you are already using AFAS Profit for your administration and if your employees are working on projects for multiple employers, we have a great solution for you!


Introducing rTIME :

rTIME is a time registration software as a service solution we offer in combination with AFAS Profit. You can stop investing in licenses or hardware. We simply provide the service to you based on the number of working employees. Our flexible pricing can especially be of interest to organizations of which the number of  working employees constantly fluctuates. But it can also be interesting for customers with employees who have permanent job positions, so you don’t have to  buy Profit licenses for all non-administrative personnel.


The possibilities:

The screen for time writing employees can be configured in two ways:


On a monthly base with one line per projectcode:


What is ict, it, ict education, ict 2017, ict meaning, ict technology, ict jobs, ict business, ict system, ict online, ict management, ict skills, information technology, ict services, diensten

Based on the activity with one line per activity: 


What is ict, it, ict education, ict 2017, ict meaning, ict technology, ict jobs, ict business, ict system, ict online, ict management, ict skills, information technology, ict services, diensten


The advantages:


  • You can export all overviews to Excel with ease


  • Employees get access to the web application with a username and password


  • Your employees don’t have to fill out the entire timesheet at once they can save it in between and edit it later


  • At the end of the week/month the employee ‘releases’ the timesheet for review


  • In case of an external assignment the employee can print the sheet to be signed by the employer


  • The hours are automatically saved in AFAS Profit in order to create the invoices


What is rBACKUP?

With rBACKUP you can easily place a backup in the cloud automatically, off-site. This is made possible by the Cloud Connect solution by Veeam. This has been the best and most used back-up software for Hyper-V and VMware platforms. It works fast, it’s safe and very robust. With rCLOUD you are able to realise a professional back-up solution without having to further invest and manage any additional infrastructure. Your back-up will be managed by our professionals in a secure environment.


What are the benefits?

  • Hosted offsite back-ups. Back-ups are stored in a secure and managed datacenter. A copy of the back-ups is made with a secure connection
  • Manage your own back-ups. With the accompanying software you can easily view and manage your back-ups and, when necessary, start a restore process. You can also keep track of your data usage and other updates concerning your subscription
  • Back-up architecture. With cloud-connect you can also use familiar back-up techniques like Incremental forever and GFS-Rention (Grandfather-Father-Son)
  • All data that you exchange on cloud-connect is encrypted. You can only view your data using a unique encryption key. This key is also used when storing data in the datacenter. Only you will have access to it
  • Compression and acceleration. Veeam uses built-in techniques to optimally compress the data traffic. Your data will only have to be sent over a WLAN connection once thanks to acceleration


Virusses and ransomware don’t stand a chance. Your local information will be stored safely in a secure datacenter.

  • Difficult to determine the right strategy for you?


    We can offer you advice concerning the best combination of public and private cloud services. Of course we also look at your ROI and consequences for your organization. If you need advice about more complex matters regarding developing specific applications around your transfer to the cloud our knowledgeable specialists would be happy to guide you.


    Contact one of our experts for more information! 

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