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Public Cloud is rapidly gaining in popularity

Public Cloud is rapidly gaining in popularity

Results from 2017 showed that there is a growing number of outsourcing deals. Cloud computing is growing fast, more and more companies have made the transition to the cloud. The rest of the organizations realize it is just a matter of time before they will make the transition themselves. Companies and institutions choose for outsourcing more often to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible. Statistics show that the public cloud is gaining more popularity lately.


Big impact

Companies in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) also started to invest more in public cloud services. The American company Barracuda Networks has shared some interesting research results.

  • The Netherlands and Belgium are the biggest trendsetters within the EMEA with 41% public cloud users, followed by France with 38% and Austria, Germany and the UK with 35%
  • From this group 70% in the Netherlands and Belgium invested in extra security options for their cloud environment
  • More than half of the recipients (55%) claimed they were unsatisfied with the safety measures provided by their current cloud provider
  • Most common uses for the public cloud are data storage (77%), data back-up (56%), web- and application hosting (56%) and data analysis (51%)
  • Over a quarter of budgets is spent on public cloud services in the Netherlands and Belgium, versus just 20% in de rest of the EMEA


Responsibility is an important factor

Almost three quarters of all organizations says they store information like personal data, intellectual property and bank records of their customers in the public cloud. What is still unclear to many is which party is responsible for securing their data and applications. That is especially important because the new GDPR regulation is around the corner. It is expected that there will be an increased interest in responsibility and compliance because of this new European regulation. But also because of the increasing threat in cybersecurity. It has to be more clarity about how organizations can actually comply to the compliance requirements and accountability while their data and applications are running in the cloud.

Many companies have implemented a multi cloud platform (also called a hybrid cloud) with a public and private cloud.

The complexity of this structure also contributes to many larger organizations choosing to outsource their network- and datacenter management to external parties.

gdpr public cloud hybrid private

Not a one size fits all model

Each company has different needs and goals, it’s important for a cloud provider to really understand what they need in order to provide them with the best cloud environment.

Referit makes this process easier. Our specialists will assist you all throughout the process of choosing the right structure for you and your company. With our pay-as-you-go principle you only pay for what you actually use. New applications will be integrated with our solution right away so that your organization will benefit from the latest innovations in cloud computing.

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