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Skype Interviews Scheduler

Skype Interviews Scheduler

If you’re already using Skype for online job interviews you already know it can be a very time-consuming task scheduling in all the appointments. One that can easily account for a significant portion of a recruiter’s workload. Not using Skype yet? Keep reading! This article just might convince you to try it now that it has become much easier!

The scheduler is designed to simplify the process of scheduling interviews. As well as reduce the number of steps required to send an invite. With an embedded interview link candidates can go to their interview straight away by clicking on it from their calendar. In addition, Skype Interviews Scheduler can also become an integrated part of your recruitment workflow via API’s.


Why use Skype Interviews Scheduler

Scheduler is easy to use—making it a powerful tool for recruiters. Simply sign in to Scheduler, click ‘Schedule new Interview’, and then select the type of interview that is being scheduled.


Next, input the candidate and interviewer’s name and email address, and either enter an agreed-upon time and date for the interview, or select the Smart Scheduler—which will arrange the interviewer and candidate’s interview.


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Once available time slots are selected, Scheduler sends a notification to the candidate to accept or decline.


After the candidate selects a timeslot, each participant is automatically sent a calendar invite, which they can click to join the interview directly from the email. The best thing is: there’s no download or Skype ID required to join.

Skype interview dashboard

From your interview dashboard you can view and edit all appointments. You can see which timeslots candidates choose and if you need to alter anything it’s easy to make changes to the existing appointments.


Not using Skype for Business yet?

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