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The Netherlands in European top Cloud users

The Netherlands in European top Cloud users


New insights from the rapport ‘ICT gebruik van huishouden en personen’ (ICT use with households and persons) from the CBS (Central Bureau for Statistics) reveal that the Netherlands is one of the top countries in Europe that uses the cloud. Half of them use the cloud to save files. There are a lot more users than previous years.

The percentage grew with an impressive 15% since 2014. The number of adolescents is, not surprisingly, higher than the percentage of elderly using the cloud. It also reveals the percentage of high educated users is twice the amount of those with a low education.


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Netherlands in the top three

The current European top three cloud users consists of Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands. In 2016, 43% of 16 to 75 years old Dutch said to have used the cloud in the past three months. This is remarkably higher than other large countries in Europe such as Germany, France and Italy. The percentage for these countries is around 20%, less than half of the total of users in the Netherlands.  On average about a quarter of all people in Europe uses the cloud.


One out of five companies suffer from cyberattacks

A large 20% of Dutch companies with at least 20 employees suffered from cyberattacks in 2016. Especially companies in the financial and energy sector suffered a great deal. In more than half of the cases these attacks led to extra costs. Such as disaster recovery operations and costs for extra security for their ICT systems. Shortage in income has also been known to happen. After an attack systems can shut down or destroy data. Or in the worst case scenario someone can get their hands on your sensitive data.
Half of all Dutch companies says to have had one or more ICT incidents. The most frequent problems were because of shut downs due to malfunctions in hard or software (about 43%).


Percentage internet users keeps growing

According to the CBS about 68% of companies frequently used a computer with an internet connection for work in 2016 (46% of those users also use cloud services). In the Netherlands a remarkably higher number of employees uses the internet than the European average. The average of all European countries in 2016 was around 50%.


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