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Synchronize your LinkedIn contacts in Outlook

Synchronize your LinkedIn contacts in Outlook

LinkedIn contact synchronization lets you set up a connection between your LinkedIn account and your work account using Outlook Web App. After you set up the contact sync, all of your connections are listed as contacts in ‘People’ in Office 365. You can then interact with those connections as you would with other contacts.

In the contact list you can see their full name, e-mail address and job title. If you select one of your contacts a small window wil open. Here you can see all contact details as well as mail correspondence, shared files and events.


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How do I synchronise my LinkedIn contacts? 

  • Go to and sign in with a Microsoft account
  • Go to Service Settings > People > Connect social networks
  • Turn on LinkedIn contact sync


After completing the steps, go to the app People > My contacts. Here you will see a list of all new contacts.


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