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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, new security features

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, new security features

Microsoft started rolling out the new Fall Creators Update since October 17th. To see if you are completely up to date you can check Update & Security > Windows Update to see if your PC is working with the latest version of Windows 10.


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The Fall Creators Update has a couple of new applications like Mixed Reality, 3D Photos and 3D Paint. My people is a new app where you can create an overview from all of your contacts by logging in and collecting them from all your different accounts. Click here to learn more about all the new changes.

Beside all the fun new changes some ‘serious’ changes were made regarding security as well!

Here is our top 5 of best security improvements in the new update:


  1. Windows Defender Application Guard makes Microsoft Edge the most secure browser for enterprise by hardware isolating the browser away from your apps, data, network and even Windows itself. WDAG protects your Microsoft Edge browsing sessions so if users encounter malware or hacking attempts while online they won’t impact the rest of your PC.


  1. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection now provides one complete overview across the Windows preventative protection security stack, for better and more manageable protection, detection, investigation and response. The new security analytics dashboard also provides recommendations to improve your security posture.


  1. Windows Defender Application Control is a new solution that leverages the same application control technology from Windows Defender Device Guard. With one big advantage, WDAC can run on any Windows 10 capable device with Windows 10 Enterprise.


  1. Controlled Folder Access in Windows Defender Exploit Guard helps protect against viruses and ransomware by only allowing trusted applications to access protected folders and documents. If an unauthorized application, even a new unknown malware variant, attempts to access protected data, it will be denied access even if it manages to sneak past other defenses.


  1. Windows Hello improvements including new factors such as proximity, location, dynamic lock and Intel Authenticate support make it easier to deploy and more secure. With stolen credentials being one of the leading causes for breaches, moving away from passwords should be a top priority for every organization. Windows Hello makes this possible by using multi-factor authentication.


Is your company completely safe from threats?

If you’re wondering if that’s really the case, now would be a great time to start making the necessary changes. It usually takes a lot more safety measures than you think to secure all your data.

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